Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Getting organized

Are you into organizing almost as much as paper crafting?

Here is the perfect solution to helping you get your craft desk ready!!
Everything stacks into several various configurations. You can even start with a piece or two and add to it. 

You can mix and match pieces and put together the perfect space for your crafting needs. Order the pieces you'd like or order it all at once - it's up to you!! The possibilities are endless.

Go horizontal - like this by using two large tray to snap two paper trays side by side together.

Or go vertical - like this, stacking the paper trays in a single column.

What are you waiting for -- GET THEM BEFORE THEY RUN OUT -- It is likely that they will run out of stock of some components before they are able to fully restock.

Order yours from me today! You'll find the Workspace Wonder items under the Organization menu on my OBA here.

à bientôt,

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