Monday, 17 October 2016

2017 Agenda Planners are Now Available! - Promotion

Calling All Planner Addicts !

The Planner Insert for 2017 are in. Available for a limited time, so get it while you can!

The planner insert includes:
  • 12 monthly dividers with tabs. These are gorgeous and fun colouring pages ! If you like to colour, then this planner system will help you relax while you plan your life.
  • week-at-a-glance calendar spreads that begin January 2017 and run through December 2017. Printed dates help you focus in on the daily details and remember your plans for the entire month. 
  • extra lined note pages with colouring spaces in the margins. The pages are 3-ring hole punched and measure 8 3/8” x 6 7/8.”
  • 3 gold paperclips for keeping your place and storing receipts. 
  • a clear plastic zipper pouch for storing your pens, colouring pencils/markers, calculator, post-it notes or other small tools. 

You can purchase the planner insert by itself ($21.75 CAD) or bundled with the planner 3-ring album ($40.75 CAD).

Striped planner album and insert pages
$40.75 CAN
Seaglass planner album and insert pages
$40.75 CAN

Choose between two 3-ring day planners - beautiful faux leather padded binders in Black and white striped or Seaglass. These measure 9 ⅜" × 8¼" × 1½" and have 1 inch rings. This size makes the album multi-purpose, allowing you to decide what you put in it. It’s not just to write in reminders and appointments, it can also be used to save memories and scrapbook pictures.

CTMH agenda planner
White and black striped 
CTMH agenda planner 

Memory Protectors
Choose from three styles: one 8"x6" pocket, or two 4”x6” pockets, or four 4”x3” pockets. Use these to add photos or business cards into the mix!

8"x6" clear side-loading pocket
10 protectors ($9)
Two 4"x6" side-loading clear pocket
10 protectors ($9)

Four 4"x3" clear pocket
10 protectors ($9)

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