Thursday, 16 October 2014

Halloween Witch's Hat - spiderweb

And for the 3rd day in a row - I am posting the CTMH tutorial on how to make a witch's hat. This is another variation using the cone and base shapes, by simply changing the paper and using different accessories and embellishments. To find the complete list of materials required, you can see them here in the Annual Inspirations recipes.

Spiderweb-Topped Hat

Spider Web Halloween Witch's Hat CTMH

Cricut® Shapes

Circle: 7 ½" Card (p. 48)
Sunburst: 9" Accent 3 <5> (p. 35)
Yo-Yo: 1 ¼" Shift+Card (p. 55)
Decorative Circle: 2" and 3 ¼" Accent 4 <5> (p. 35)
Spike Flowers: 1 ¾" and 2" Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)

Corner Spiderwebs: 3 ½" RDS Shift+Overlay (cut 2, p. 70)
  • This hat’s base is made from a sunburst shape from the Cricut® Artiste cartridge.
  • The spiderweb topper is made from two webs cut from the Cricut®Artbooking cartridge.  Adhere their edges together and trim hat as necessary.
  • The spider image is from the Scaredy Cat Complements.

  • The focal point of this hat is made from a stamped image from the Halloween Greetings stamp set.

  • The pleated strip of B&T at the base of the cone was stitched before being adhered to the cone.

Batty Hat

Cricut® Shapes:

Yo-Yo: 1 ½" Shift+Card (p. 50)
Decorative Circle: 4" Accent 4 <5> (p. 35)
Circle: 9 ½" Card (p. 48)
Cupcake Liners: 2" Accent 4 (cut 4, p. 77)
Spike Flowers: 1 ¾" and 3" Shift+Accent 2 (p. 54)
Round Flowers: 3 ¼" and 3 ½" Accent 2 (p. 54)

To find a list of the other materials required, please refer to the Annual Inspirations recipes.

  • The streamers dangling from this hat are made from a variety of Scaredy Cat B&T papers that have been folded accordion-style and attached at the top.

  • This hat’s focal point is an image cut from a sheet of Scaredy Cat B&T. The bat images are Scaredy Cat Complements.

And don't forget
Friends don't let friends craft alone.

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